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Hans Christoph Wermke 

Christoph is a director and film editor based in Berlin, Germany and Los Angeles. He is a graduate of the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (dffb). His credits include an array of feature films, shorts and documentaries. He edited Netflix’s Oscar®-nominated documentary short Three Songs for Benazir, which also won an Australian Screen Editors Award and was nominated for best editing at the Deutscher Kamerapreis.


Most recently he edited Aemilia Scott's Help Me Understand which premiered at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival. He has edited numerous award-winning and nominated films, including Krieg which premiered at the Venice International Film Festival. His latest work for Television, the internationally-produced thriller The NET, premiered at the Munich International Film Festival. 

In addition to editing, Christoph is a successful film and TV director. His German language short film Escape! (Abhaun!), won multiple awards on the European festival circuit including Best Short Film at the Dresden Film Festival; the Munich Film Festival’s Short-Tiger Short Film Award; the Jameson Short Film Award at the Hamburg International Short Film Festival, and was nominated for the German Short Film Award. He is preparing his first feature film to direct in 2025 in Germany.


Christoph’s background as a director gives him a unique knowledge and approach to collaborating with other directors and editing their films. His editing style is patient – giving images the space to breathe on screen – while staying true to the director’s vision.

He has extensive working experience in both Avid and Adobe Premiere. 



Academy Awards (Oscars®)

Three Songs For Benazir


Nominee, Best Short Documentary

Australian Screen Editors ELLIE Awards

Three Songs For Benazir


Winner, Best Short Documentary

German Camera Award



Nominee, Best Editing (Feature Film)


German Short Film Award


Director, Editor

Nominee, Best Film

German Film and Media Association

Stolz Des Ostens

Director, Co-Editor

Highly Significant Cultural Value


International Short Film Festival Hamburg


Director, Editor

Winner, Jameson Short Film Award of the

European Coordination of Film Festivals

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